The Story Behind Our Canvas

There are many sites online selling canvas, but what makes us different and why choose our canvas? Because we believe in You as an Artist, because you can do better than just choosing a photo for the canvas. We want to make your ideas reality faster, by putting everything you need in one place. You can upload your photo, apply filters and send to print with just a few clicks. There are sites that only offer the possibility to edit your photos and others that only print them. We decided to give you these important features in one. The right filter can turn an ok photo into a wow one. Sometimes you can have a great photo that needs only printing and sometimes a few filters can help you achieve the result you want.

Here is how you do it:
The first step is to upload the desired photo and choose one of the three canvas formats: square, landscape, portrait. In this case I chose landcape.

Next you can crop the photo the way you want just by dragging the figure.

Now you get to be creative with the photo. There are many easy to use tools and filters that are able to transform it the way you want.

Here I chose Avenue, but honestlly all of them looked great.

You can combine several tools to get the effect you want. I also adjusted the contrat, highlights and shadows.

When you like the result just click save. And this is the result on the canvas.

Below, I took the same photo and created two different versions. The first one looks like someone would need a lot of work and skill to do, but in reality it took me seconds using splash tool. It made the girl in the picture more misterious and accentuated her beutiful eyes.

The second one is based on the Aqua filter and color warmth. The result is more playful and relaxed.

This is a beautiful photo that can be printed as it is, without any additional effects, and still look stunning. Or, as you saw, you can play with the filters until you reach the desired effect. The canvas will help you create a certain atmosphere to your decor and room in general. Try it yourself here and let the world see your art.