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Decorate the house using your favorite photos of your pet

This article is for all the pet lovers out there. Animals are big part of our life. As children we always love to play with pets and when we become older we get one. We are all different and what we love most in animals is different too. Some love cats, dogs, horses or even exotic animals like snake. All these preferences can come from childhood, but sometimes even a dog person's heart might melt from the look of a pretty little kitten.

So if we love them, they are part of our heart, why not make the memories with them part of our decor too? You can choose a photo of him and add to the family tree wall, or put the photo in your room. Choose one or several photos of him, from the thousands you have in your phone, and print them on canvas.


The photos of your pets can not only take all of your phone memory but also decorate your home. Check out how here easy and fun it is to print using our editor.