Canvas-Christmas decor

We all love Christmas season, with beautiful decorations and gifts. There are thousands of different globes, Christmas socks, lights and stars for you to choose. All the decorations whether small or big make us feel the holiday season even more. Each person wants a beautiful and unique home and puts all his heart in it.

Have you ever thought about a personalized canvas as a gift for your dear ones? You can print your favorite Christmas photo of your family from the previous years or you can print all of them. This way you can make a gallery that shows the evolution of the family. It will look like you have put more effort into creating this, rather then printing the photos.

You can use canvas to print photos with different holiday themes and change them accordingly during the year. This way you don't change a lot, but still put a personal twist on the decorations. This could also be a good solution for someone who doesn't have a lot of space and doesn't want to sacrify his stuff to make it.
Having a real Christmas tree is amazing but if you don't have the space you can print one. It will be unique, a lot cheaper and you don't have to clean the mess after the holidays. You just take the canvas from the wall, store it carefully till the next year, and put another photo on the wall. This way you get to keep your staff and have cool Christmas decoration as well.

See below some ideas of Christmas themed canvas decorations
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