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How to Create a Gallery Wall

Arranging a collage of pictures on the wall can be sometimes overwhelming and hard. It is ok if you have a big, blank wall, but if it is small, oddly shaped or has many other decorations and pieces of furniture around, you don’t really know where to start.

We gathered some tips and tricks to make it a pleasant and fast activity. A good thing would be to know ahead what dimensions you need and how you are going to place them before printing. This way you will just hang them when they’re ready and avoid the situation where you have many pictures of different sizes that don’t have enough space on your wall. And how do we actually arrange them? There are several methods you can use, choose the one that seems better for you.

One of the options would be to take a piece of paper that is approximately the size of the future picture and either ask someone to hold each paper on the wall so you could step back and see everything. Or if you don’t have someone around to help, you can put a small amount of tape on the back of each piece of paper and stick them on the wall as you wish. This way you can see the entire wall and make some changes until you’re happy with the result. Unless you want to put the pictures right away, don’t forget to take a photo of the way it looks on the wall so you can easily reproduce it afterwards.

Another option would be to put tape directly on the wall forming the shapes you need. This might take a little more time but it is more precise. Also, this is more convenient when you don’t have paper of the sizes you need.

But what if you didn't plan in advance the way you are going to hang them? Then, you could start by putting all the pictures in front of you. This way you get to see the sizes of each piece of art individually and in relation to the other ones.

Once you have a clear idea of the pieces you are going to work with, choose the biggest one and try to arrange the rest of them depending on it.

Create your own perfect gallery wall here