Canvas History

Sometimes, it is surprising to find out how everyday things, like the canvas that is hanging on your wall, have a bigger history than you ever imagined. The major use of canvas back in time was in the sailing industry. It was made from hemp, whereas nowadays canvas is made from cotton, linen or is even plastic based. From the 14th century, canvas was incorporated in the artistic world too. The painters started using canvas instead of wooden panels.
Other uses of canvas these days are for tents, martial arts uniforms, backpacks and bags, electronic device cases and even something that you might wear every day – converses. What makes it so popular in many areas is the fact that it is a very durable material. And now you’re probably thinking “How does this help me now? You will be surprised that among other uses, nowadays there is another amazing way that people use canvas for: printing on it.
Canvas print is as the name suggests the process of printing an image on a canvas, which is afterwards stretched onto a frame and displayed. New inkjet printers and advanced formulations of canvas provide a very good and detailed quality of the picture (which is the process we use). Canvas is mainly used in home decor and artistic expositions around the world.
There are some great advantages of printed canvas over framed prints. From the economical point of view, the former is less expensive and weighs less. From the aesthetic point of view, interior designers often prefer canvas because it is easier to incorporate in different styles, due to the fact that it doesn’t have the traditional frames. The absence of the frames also gives the possibility to create a single design from several canvases. Another important advantage to mention is that canvas doesn’t have the light reflecting issues that framed prints have. Hence, you can display your art wherever you like without any limitations.
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