Bucket List on Canvas

The best way to achieve something is to visualize it and to be reminded of it every single day. By making different kinds of representations of our wishes we tend to be more motivated to achieve it. It is usually gatherings of photos on Pinterest or photos taken from magazines and put together on the wall. This is a good trick that has worked for centuries.

We want to suggest a new and unique way to do it. You can make it as a part of you decor by printing the photos on canvas. It will make the room filled with things you like and want to achieve, projecting your personality in it. This way you will be motivated without looking childish, and it will fill you with joy and pride after achieving it. You can adapt to your own bucket list, choosing photos of certain cities you want to visit, things you want to learn or have in a near future. It can be a photo of a parachute if you want to jump, or with a guitar to finally go and learn how to play it. If you’ve also made a list with your best friend you can print one of the things on the list and make as a gift. It will be a very personal gift that will bring you closer and make that person always think of you while looking at it. Wouldn’t it be great to always see your goals beautifully sitting on the wall when you wake up, go to sleep, watch a movie or any time you just enter the room?

You can also put your bucket list in the living room. It can be both just beautiful decor and a discussion about your plans for the future with people you feel like sharing. You can also separate them and put them in different rooms so you could be always surrounded by them. For instance: putting personal goals in your bedroom and the ones that include all your family in the living room.

See below how the places you want to visit or do, printed on canvas, can become part of your home decor and motivation better than just written on a paper:

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